Æternity incorporates social recovery option to its key management system | CriptoNews

Æternity incorporates social recovery option to its key management system | CriptoNews

The team also added an option to recover the passwords through other users a social tool within the network. This social recovery is optional and consists of selecting three users who will be asked to write a 12 word password phrase generated by the æpp. Once the three selected ones have generated and annotated the three key phrases of 12 words, the user can complete the social recovery settings.

The team added that they are working so that the æpps are native applications of Android and of iOS, since that way they could control the encryption in the applications, providing an additional layer of security. In this sense, they have begun testing on Android.

The company is moving forward . Its test network was successfully launched on December 6, which helped the launch of the platform and the development of smart contracts.

Recently reported on the start-up of its Machine Virtual created with the Erlang programming language. This is a highly significant development for the development of intelligent contracts offered by Æternity. In addition, the oracles, internal validators of the network that connect this network with the real world, have also been released. Æternity has also worked on the growth of its community, activating a forum for users of the smart contract platform to communicate with each other.

This forum will have 11 categories, among which are: Introduce yourself to yourself; Technical; Encounters; Æpps, for discussions about æpps (applications of the æternity network); Beginners, which includes a section of frequently asked questions; among others.

To learn more about the project you can visit its official website or its social networks:

Facebook: facebook.com/aeternityproject

Twitter: twitter.com/ aeternityesp

Reddit: reddit.com/r/Aeternity

Telegram: t.me/aeternityEsp

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