Atomic Wallet will enable atomic exchanges for Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash in the coming weeks | CryptoNews

Atomic Wallet will enable atomic exchanges for Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash in the coming weeks | CryptoNews

The cryptocurrency portfolio Atomic Wallet plans to enable atomic exchanges for Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash in the coming weeks, said the co-founder of the platform.

CryptoNoticias contacted Konstantin Gladych , cofounder of the portfolio, who offered comments about the future plans for Atomic Wallet. Among them, are the atomic exchanges between Ethereum and Bitcoin, whose contracts are already tested and in operation, and plan to launch in two weeks. Also, Gladych revealed that the atomic exchanges between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash will be communicated next week.

This portfolio, which comes after the that was launched in November last year, is available (so far ) the atomic exchanges between Bitcoin, Litecoin and Qtum. In addition, it works in a traditional way with Bitcoin (although it does not have SegWit technology yet), Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar, Monero, Qtum, Zcash, Dash, and a large number of ERC20 tokens. Soon the tokens of Tron, EOS, Tezos, AION, ICON and Wechain will be added, while the next ones in the list for atomic exchanges are Ripple and Stellar.

The platform is currently only available as a desktop application compatible with 64-bit Windows, macOS, Ubuntu and Debian. It has no limit amount for atomic exchange transactions and does not require any type of registration, indicates an entry in your blog. The co-founder estimates that the launch of the mobile application of the portfolio will take place in one or two months.

On July 12, the team behind the development of Ethereum Classic also announced that the cryptocurrency was listed in the Atomic Wallet portfolio for conventional exchanges; and Monero, meanwhile, was listed on July 13. The atomic exchanges for Ethereum Classic "will be announced in close collaboration with Ethereum," said Gladych.

Atomic Wallet launched its main network on February 15, with a successful atomic exchange between Litecoin and Decred. In the future, says the co-founder, who also works with the commercial relations of the platform, it is expected that the SDK (software development kit) of Atomic Wallet will be released to be integrated into any other wallet. Likewise, it is planned to integrate more partners to the portfolio and create a P2P service for transactions without intermediaries between fiduciary currencies and cryptocurrencies.

Gladych also gave his opinion about the integration of the Technology of Lightning Network and Atomic Swaps in the project called Atomic Multi-path Payments; integration that, in his opinion, could be the next step in the matter of exchange of cryptocurrencies: