Billionaire Marc Lasry maintains more than 1% of his bitcoin investment portfolio | CryptoNews

Billionaire Marc Lasry maintains more than 1% of his bitcoin investment portfolio | CryptoNews

Larsy, who is also a majority partner in the NBA Milwaukee Bucks Wisconsin, explained in the interview that the interest that generates bitcoin in the markets is the main reason why he is attracted to invest in the cryptocurrency. This despite acknowledging that he does not know the current intrinsic value of BTC and that, in his opinion, there is speculation in the market, although he assured that it is not a "complete lottery" speculative ", as referred to by the Squawk Box anchor .

He also affirmed that his assets have grown since he invested thanks to the growth of the ecosystem, and that in the last two years he has reinvested in bitcoin in new opportunities. A statement that had been known to the press in December of 2017 when regretted not having entered the market when 1 BTC was quoted for $ 300. The magazine Forbes has calculated its fortune in 1.7 trillions of dollars, reason why its capital invested in bitcoins could be calculated around the 17 million dollars . However, this is only an approximation, taking into account that the money was invested years ago and that the price of the BTC has changed a lot since then.

These statements reach the ecosystem later of two bullish days for the cryptoeconomy, because this Tuesday July 17 the price of bitcoin suffered a rebound of more than 10% in a few hours. An upward trend that took it from $ 6,700 to 7,387 dollars per bitcoin.

However, this was not the only significant trend of crypto economics in the last hours. Well, during yesterday, Wednesday July 18, five altcoins registered an increase in their quotation between 10 and 53%. Highlighting among these Stellar (XLM), Cardano (ADA), OmiseGO (OMG) and Zcash (ZEC).

It is important to note that during the Lasry intervention the altcoins were also present. However, the investor said that despite considering "making sense" "make bets in different cryptocurrencies", from his perspective bitcoin is the one that "will have greater benefits in the market."

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