BINEX.TRADE reveals its launch Alfa: a new era for the Cripto Trading | CriptoNews

BINEX.TRADE reveals its launch Alfa: a new era for the Cripto Trading | CriptoNews

After months of hard work, the BINEX team has finally reached its big day, the Alfa Launch. The team has been receiving support from the Crypto community throughout their trip, and they are happy to receive such an overwhelming response. BINEX.TRADE has the immense pleasure of revealing the Alpha version of the brokerage house to the Binex family of more than 85,000 users.

The Alpha launch is July 17, 2018. The main objective of the Alfa launch is to test the live performance of the exchange with the operators. The company plans to launch the brokerage house initially with basic characteristics, and after the Alfa launch, will present the Beta version of the exchange with advanced features.

BINEX.TRADE promises to offer excellence to its users, and its maximum motto is create a smooth trading platform that meets all the needs of the trader.

In the initial days of the launch, traders can have first-hand experience when trading in trading pairs, including BTC, ETH, BEX, USDT, LTC and XRP. The exchange is designed to provide operators with a fluid and easy-to-use experience. From first-level security, leveraged operations, the Analytics control panel and insightful reporting to the maintenance of liquidity, the powerful pairing engine and the control of volatility, the exchange has it all.

As mentioned above, BINEX.TRADE offers 70% of the trading commission to the BEX holders every day. In addition to the phenomenon of revenue sharing, here are the characteristics that will establish the reference point for crypto trading:

Advanced trading functions

The characteristics provided by the exchange can facilitate operations and help operators to earn more. Operators may need to monitor the price trends of a cryptocurrency for which a price chart may be useful. Reports on daily, weekly or monthly exchanges can help traders track their profits. An analytics control board can help traders build a strategic portfolio. All of these features help operators make better decisions during trading.

Leveraged Transactions

Features such as Margin Transactions allow traders to take advantage of their quantity and profits. trading The BINEX.TRADE brokerage house allows the user to open a position in a leveraged amount of 2x to 3x in Margin Trading. The exchange also provides an automatic exit function that closes the user's position at the most efficient rate so that the user does not lose the opportunity.

Liquidity and volatility control

BINEX.TRADE guarantees the efficient management of market volatility to ensure the interest of its operators. It also eliminates liquidity risk in the exchange through continuous monitoring of transactions. The greater the liquidity in the exchange, the better the price economy and the faster the transactions.

Powerful Mating Engine

The cryptocurrency markets are extremely volatile and even a second of delay in execution can cause a loss. BINEX.TRADE has an efficient Mating Engine that helps facilitate trade through quick sales and purchases.

High level security

BINEX.TRADE is designed to operate on a multi-level platform that offers high-end security. The platform guarantees secure transactions with two-level encryption that is at the level of the Database and at the level of the API. The platform also provides enhanced security at the user level with secure login, capture, factor 2 authentication, email verification, browser access, and summary page approval.

In addition to the features On-board Exchange, BINEX.TRADE has offered a reward of 1,000 BEX for reporting an error in the Alpha version.

Customer service is available throughout the day for merchants and users before and after the launch of Alfa.


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