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Bitcoin price soars to more than $ 8,000 at WEX exchange house | CryptoNews

An unusual increase in the price of bitcoin (BTC) is seen this July 11 at the WEX exchange house, where the cryptocurrency is quoted at more than 8 thousand dollars per unit; a significant amount in relation to that shown by other similar platforms, in which the value barely exceeds $ 6,000.

The price of bitcoin in WEX has been oscillating throughout the day, after being above the $ 7,300 at the beginning of the day, reached a peak of almost $ 9,000, which fell and was held at values ​​of around $ 8,000 at the time of writing this note.

This difference in the exchange rate that is recorded WEX has attracted attention and has been reviewed in the media. Twitter users also comment on the fact and relate it to possible solvency problems, after recalling the fact that this company was born as a result of the re-launch of BTC-e an exchange house designated to cover, with its policies of use, the concealment of funds from the massive theft to MtGox in 2013.

Faced with this type of comments and even some questions from followers on Twitter, the company has not published any clarifications, except for a series of tweets published on last July 5 to reject rumors that run in the Russian media -accordingly- with respect to a possible sale of the company. In its message, WEX denies the negotiation and states that it is only proposals for capital increases that are being considered. They also take advantage of affirming that they are a "young, independent and profitable" company and invite their users to remain operating on the platform.

It is worth mentioning that through a publication on his blog, WEX also informed the past 3 July on the launch of a new feature on its platform: Bitcoin bets. It is a system through which users can bet up or down the price of bitcoin. The process closes every 5 minutes, to then make a draw through which participants can choose a prize.

Likewise, the exchange house warns the public, through a message posted on its website. Twitter account, which for this Thursday July 12 will be a planned maintenance activity that could suspend for two hours the transactions, withdrawals and other functions of the platform.


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