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Bitmain expands in Israel and diversifies its investments | CryptoNoticias

And it is that Bitmain, far from being cautious about the behavior of the cryptoactive market in 2018, has shown signs of continuing to grow and diversify. According to Glikberg, the company received a big boost since last year, "as a result of the increasing adoption of blockchain technology in general and of digital currencies in particular."

Early year, it was learned of the construction of a new Bitmain headquarters in Switzerland, specifically in the city of Zug, the famous "CriptoValle", in order to better serve the European market.

Also, plans expansion of its headquarters in Israel, join the recent investments that Bitman is carrying out in several projects. At the beginning of July, he announced his intention to invest $ 50 million in the company Opera Ltd, which would give him control of the company's stock behind the Internet browser.

Also, this July 16, the company Block. one, developer of the blockchain protocol EOSIO, said in a statement that Bitmain, along with three other large investors, led the latest round of financing for this company. On this investment, Jihan Wu, co-founder of Bitmain, said:


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