Bitrefill allows you to buy Amazon gift cards with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies | CriptoNews

Bitrefill allows you to buy Amazon gift cards with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies | CriptoNews

The startup Bitrefill launched on Thursday, July 19, a new service that will allow any user to acquire gifts cards from Amazon through its platform, using it bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies through the Lightning Network (LN) network. Sergej Kotliar, executive director of Bitrefill, told CriptoNoticias on Thursday that "although this technology is very new, will become the future of Bitcoin payments ."

Through its web page the user can choose the amount that he wants to top up in Amazon. The amounts can range from $ 5 to $ 1,000 for each recharge. Once the amount is selected, the system will provide a coupon code with instructions on how to redeem it. It is important to remember that the purchase is only valid for the Amazon store in the United States.

In the process of reloading the person must also supply their email so that Bitrefill can send the Updates of the order status and supply the refill PIN code. Among the cryptocurrencies that the platform processes are bitcoin, Litecoin (LN can be used to pay with these two currencies), ether, Dash and Dogecoin.

When asked about their expectations regarding the new product and the receptivity of the Venezuelan public the executive said: " I hope this becomes a great addition . If you have any questions about how we can better serve Venezuelans, we are eager to hear them. "

Launch of the service

In a statement to which CriptoNoticias had access before the launch, the company reports: "The Bitrefill team is pleased to announce that we have enabled the Amazon coupons to buy with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash and Dogecoin!"

Kotliar himself argued the move saying that "with a bitcoin regular payment processor, the merchant must participate in many ways with the process. However, they often do not have the time or skills to do it well. By selling a voucher we can control the experience of the user in its entirety, handle all interactions with the end customer and they themselves easily apply the coupons. "