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Brave begins testing of its user remuneration advertising system | CriptoNews

Brave states in his blog that within the next few months they will continue to perform increasingly larger tests and studies to improve the user experience and understand how their way of navigating determines the way they send advertisements, enabling other features, such as power Earn money by watching commercials.

Thus, they argue that user data is protected and not stored on external servers or outsourced platforms, thus allowing to continue the advertising business without sacrificing the privacy of Internet users.


Brave is placing blockchain at the service of the advertising business on the Internet, allowing greater reciprocity and remuneration among advertisers, users and web pages, and optimizing the business by precisely configuring user preferences

Recently, BAT, the blockchain of Brave, received a significant market boost thanks to the support of Dow Jones Media Group edited by the Wall Street Journal and other media products specialized in finance. The group said it would soon be using Brave for advertising and publishing, which will facilitate interaction with its readership base.

This new business dynamic gives rise to the decentralized Internet, where each party receives remuneration and incentives to improve the function of the other participants, thus improving interaction and allocating efforts and resources where they have the best performance.

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