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BTCPay enables payments in Lightning Network for bitcoin and litecoin | CryptoNews

In other tweets where some questions are asked about the subject, BTCPay assured that it was preferable to use the c-lightning implementation since it has been used for a larger amount of time and no faults have been detected.

Regarding the reasons for including Litecoin, BTCPay seems to be very clear about what will be a cutting-edge technology very soon, such as the Atomic Swaps (Atomic Exchanges) , since one day it intends to implement it based on Lightning Network "so that BTCPay users can generate passive income by being only creators of markets", he said.

In that sense it is worth remembering that the second live reproduction of an atomic exchange between the Bitcoin and Litecoin networks was executed during the last month in two Lightning Network nodes, as part of advanced tests that seek to successfully implement this type of transactions; this in order to confirm to its administrators that this procedure can be a long-term solution in these networks.

Meanwhile, Lightning Network continues to increase its capacity, having grown to over 2,400 nodes and 5,800 payment channels, through which can be sent more than 63 BTC. The figures just mentioned represent a growth that exceeds 150% during the last month, if one considers that previously the capacity was 24.4 BTC.

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