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Bitcoin releases your money from the bank prison | CryptoNews

For centuries, banks have been in charge of generating and controlling people's money. In the current financial structure, central banks and, by extension, governments, are in charge of issuing the new banknotes, when they decide. This scheme, which allows the creation of new money whenever the government needs it, allows …

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My sister's doll | CryptoNews

This is the story of two children named Anna and Raffael. Anna was 6 years old and Raffael 11. Like many children today, they were children of divorced parents, an issue that privileged them enough, since in the competition between mom and dad to see who better exercised fatherhood, gifts …

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rent24 launches PRIMARY on the EOS platform | CriptoNoticias

rent24 a global provider of coworking and coexistence, is developing an EOS platform that allows users to connect, promote services, share knowledge and request financing. The platform will use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create synergies among users by analyzing and combining their skills, proposing tasks and rewarding activities. These rewards …

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Exploring the blockchain: this is what you should know about the Bitcoin and Ethereum explorers | CriptoNews

The technology that supports cryptocurrencies is characterized by decentralization, immutability and transparency, which is one of the most differentiating attributes of traditional forms of payment, conditioned by the secrecy of the institutions and platforms that administer them. The block chains where the transactions made with cryptocurrencies are registered are generally …

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