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CryptoKitties will reach Android devices with HTC | CryptoNoticias

The popular collector's game built on the Ethereum network, CryptoKitties, will launch a version for mobile phones with Android operating system in association with Taiwanese manufacturer HTC. The application will debut in the flagship model of HTC, the U12 +, which was released to the market recently.

This was announced on the official website of HTC in the United States, which states that the application will work for the first time in Andriod, exclusively, in the smartphones of HTC. As reported in some digital media, the official launch will occur later this year. Although it is not clear which markets will have access to the new application, it is presumed that it will be initially launched for the US market, since the channel used for the announcement was the HTC website in that country.

HTC reported other models selected from your product offering will also support the CryptoKitties application . Such is the case of HTC Exodus, which could be on the world market by the end of 2018, according to statements that HTC's cryptography chief, Phill Chen, offered to The Verge. The Exodus is intended as a smartphone blockchain, with a portfolio of cryptocurrencies and association with CryptoKitties. It should be noted that Chen revealed that the price of the Exodus could be around $ 1000.

HTC was one of the first companies in the niche to develop touch and wireless devices, so their efforts in the field of technology blockchain and the cryptocurrencies are in tune with its innovative trajectory, since its foundation in 1997.

On the other hand, the blockchain game CryptoKitties, launched at the end of 2017, has gained so many followers that it has managed to congest the Ethereum network. A few days after its release, the blockchain data showed that more than 15% of Ethereum transactions corresponded to CryptoKitties contracts. Its dynamic focuses on collecting, breeding and reproducing virtual cats, each of which are unique and can not be replicated, removed or destroyed.

In the month of February, CryptoKitties announced a mobile application compatible with the system operative iOS, used in Apple devices. The launch took place in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, although they plan to be available globally eventually. IOS application players do not require third-party applications to play CryptoKitties on their phones.

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