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The pound sterling fell late Tuesday afternoon

The pound fell in the middle of the exchange session on Tuesday, due to recommendations that the UK could abandon the EU traditions association without an agreement. Now, it seems that the market is struggling to discover if there is enough help just below the 1.32 level to continue with …

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Gold costs are above July minimums at $ 1,236

The gold markets initially revived on the day, reaching a level of $ 1245 before discovering the dealers once again. Since we have separated after that underlying rally, it seems that there is still a bearish channel in the gold markets that could possibly become the most important factor. Exchange …

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Eur-Usd, looking for a sale in the short term!

when the Dollar Index, last Friday, seemed to be able to break the resistance zone 12,100 points, a movement was generated in contrast that formed a bearish Pin which, in the very short term, could generate sales of dollars. The trend is still long (even in the weekly) so it …

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