Grayscale registers historical interest for cryptocurrencies this 2018 despite its price decrease | CryptoNews

Inbound flows accumulated in Grayscale by Investment Product, from 12/31/2017 to 06/30/2018 . Source: Grayscale

When considering the activity of the accumulated investment (one bar per week) it is seen that incoming flows grow at a consistent rate. The average weekly growth, taking into account the eight products that are listed in the chart legend, was $ 9.55 million, says Grayscale, who highlights new cryptocurrency flows every week.

The most outstanding points of this investment cycle was $ 248.39 million as total accumulated investment $ 9.55 million as average weekly investment in all products, $ 6.04 million weekly for bitcoin and 3.51 million weekly for other cryptoactives. In addition, most of these funds (56%) came from institutional investors.

Profile of investors by type. From left to right: institutional, accredited individuals, retirement accounts and family offices. Source: Grayscale.

As detailed in the graph, the cryptocurrency investment products are attracting institutional investors (56%), but also to accredited individuals (20%), retired accounts (16%) and family offices (8%).

Grayscale also noted that the average investment among institutional investors was $ 848,000; $ 553,000 on average for family offices, $ 335,000 for retirement accounts and $ 289,000 in the case of individuals. This gives a general idea of ​​the typical investments in each segment.

On the other hand, the company published last June the document entitled "A new frontier. How digital assets are transforming asset allocation ", in which he considers digital assets (among which cryptocurrencies are counted) as a new category of assets that can improve the investment diversification strategy, while helping investors to create portfolios of controlled risk and with greater profits.

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