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JCASH: the first cryptocurrency that benefits all parties within its ecosystem | CriptoNews

JCASH, the cryptocurrency issued in the JiojioMe mobile application, is establishing the leadership on how advertisers will use blockchain technology to attract their target audience. The best part is that all the parties, from the users to the owners of the businesses and the advertisers, will benefit from the use of the JiojioMe social platform!

The JiojioMe application benefits all the parties allowing the Consumers establish their own advertising preferences through their hobbies or interests and indicate their interest in the products that are advertised. JiojioMe users can earn JCASH when they jio ("invite" in Chinese dialect) other users to take advantage of an offer through the application and enjoy any promotional discount available.

Benefits for advertisers

By deviating from conventional advertising, advertisers of the JiojioMe app adapt their ads based on the interest of users and can market their services and products more efficiently to their target audience. By using blockchain technology, JiojioMe can analyze the behavioral data of consumers to identify patterns in consumer spending. In this way, it enables advertisers to pay JCASH directly to users who promote their ads, and will be rewarded with each successful recommendation through their consensus Test of Activity (PoA). The PoA is designed for maximum use of the token, so advertisers know exactly why they are paying.

These ads can also be linked with other companies to attract more users and, with the right target audience, Advertisers can choose to pay JCASH to users to see their ads and increase the display of the ads.

Benefits for companies

Companies can use JiojioMe to Get publicity about your business. Through more effective advertising, merchants prepare to reach more customers to sponsor their establishments. The increase in the customer retention rate will be a welcome change for most current traders, as it is more profitable to keep customers through constant rewards, available in the JiojioMe application.

The market Jio's is where users can use their JCASH to buy coupons, promotions, products and services provided by various food and beverage retailers and merchants. This means that JCASH can be used to exchange for items of physical value, and with more than 600 merchants on board the JiojioMe application, users have the possibility to choose the use of their JCASH.

Blockchain application in the JiojioMe application

JCASH is currently a centralized currency used for transactions in the JiojioMe application. She will move to a completely decentralized ERC-20 token at the end of the sale of the token, on November 9, 2018. Through intelligent contracts and the Application Programming Interface (API), the JiojioMe application will transfer transactions to the Ethereum network , these transactions are safe since there is no central entity that controls the chain of blocks, thus avoiding the manipulation of information. The blockchain is used to track behavioral data of consumer activities. Through data anonymization, companies can track behavioral patterns for targeted and accurate marketing for the masses. In this way, JiojioMe will be able to protect the data of all parties within the application, while understanding consumer behavior.

The value of JCASH

JCASH's unique aspect is that, regardless of market sentiment and the value of JCASH, JCASH will still be able to market tangible and realized goods in the Jio market. PoA rewards users with JCASH simply by being active in the JiojioMe application through daily logins, sharing offers and much more. JCASH demand is expected to increase, since users can earn JCASH 'free' to exchange them for vouchers / promotions.

The JiojioMe application, which is available in Google Play and Apple App Store, has more than 100,000 user downloads and more than 600 merchants within the application since its incorporation in December 2017. With the addition of more merchants, the demand of JCASH will definitely increase unstoppably!

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