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Learn about cryptocurrencies with Waspbit in Medellín | CriptoNews

The only permanent thing in a world dominated by technology is change, and within the advances that are constantly occurring in technological matters, there are some that can promote a true revolution in humanity. Guttenberg's printing press, for example, helped to disseminate ideas more quickly through books, which were previously monopolized in the centers of power. Other inventions, such as the telegraph, computers, or the Internet changed the dynamics of the world from the moment they became popular.

Less than a decade ago, bitcoin revolutionized the world of finance ]by proposing new forms of transfer of digital assets, without the need for intermediaries, and also with total transparency and security. Welcome to the world of cryptocurrencies!

After the boom of bitcoin and hundreds of cryptocurrencies in 2017, the general public became interested in these digital assets and also by blockchain technology, which serves them of support. Naturally, many questions arise from those who would like to enter the world of cryptoactives and know their benefits better: how do cryptocurrencies arise ?, what other non-financial applications does the blockchain have? Besides bitcoin, what are the most important cryptocurrencies?

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