Libra cautiously higher ahead of parliament

Libra cautiously higher ahead of parliament


The Pound was higher compared to the US dollar and the common currency of the euro, although the forex traders seem cautious and intend to focus on the impending parliamentary debate. What is at stake is whether the amendments that the Prime Minister intends to push will be approved; an affirmative vote will be confirmation that the UK Parliament supports its plans for Brexit. A negative vote, on the other hand, will be clear evidence of Parliament's dissatisfaction with their efforts and could mean that an early election could be forthcoming, which would further jeopardize the likelihood of a "soft" Brexit.

As reported at 11:21 a.m. (BST) in London, the GBP / USD pair was quoted at $ 1,326,445, an increase of 0.24%; The pair has varied from a low of $ 1.3225 to a high of $ 1.3274 in today's session. The EUR / GBP is trading at 0.88263 pence, a loss of 0.03%; the previous pair reached a session minimum of 0.88200 Pence, while the peak is at 0.88400 Pence.

Uncertainty continues to drive the feeling of pound

Markets have high expectations that the Bank of England plans to raise its benchmark interest rates next month, but the recent fall of the pound cast some doubt. The Libra continues to be pressured on many sides, but more prominently by threats related to Brexit. Since April, Sterling has fallen almost 9% and, in fact, fell by 1% last week, as the British responded to the visit of the US president. And the imminent concern about the tense trade relations with the US