MyEtherWallet enables ether purchases with credit cards | CriptoNews

MyEtherWallet enables ether purchases with credit cards | CriptoNews

The developer of MyEtherWallet (MEW), one of the most used portfolios for Ethereum, announced this Wednesday, July 18, that users of its platform will now be able to buy ethers processing their payments with credit cards (TDC).

According to tweet from MyEtherWallet now users of this wallet can acquire ETH through Visa credit cards or Mastercard with access to dollars or euros. This is possible thanks to a alliance with Simplex a company dedicated to processing non-fraudulent payment services with credit cards for the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The purchase with credit cards has a minimum amount for the first transaction of $ 50 and a maximum of $ 10,000. Also, for Simplex conditions, the monthly volume of operations supported per card is $ 50,000, with a daily maximum of $ 20,000. These limits are shared by the investment services company Abra, who announced the implementation of Simplex last week to its services.

With the recent announcements of MEW and Abra, the processing of purchases of cryptocurrencies on credit begins to be re-established, since since last February banks such as Lloyds Bank JP Morgan Bank of America and Citi Group decided to eliminate the possibility of their customers buying bitcoins with TDC arguing the danger for investors that represented market volatility. This corporate move eliminated the possibility of customers of these banks acquiring cryptocurrencies in this way, although the Bread digital wallet incorporated this possibility around that month.

Due to this measure the number of transactions processed by MasterCard presented a decrease of 2% during the first quarter of 2018 compared to the same quarter of 2017, of according to Mastercard's financial director, Martina Hund-Mejean.

At the moment there are no known limitations in the service offered today by MyEtherWallet, such as the restrictions found in Open, where it is not possible to buy bitcoins in 13 countries due to alleged restrictions of Simplex.

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