OraSaifu's cutting-edge multi cryptocurrency hardware purse about to hit the market | CriptoNews

OraSaifu's cutting-edge multi cryptocurrency hardware purse about to hit the market | CriptoNews

The number of active users of blockchain purses exceeds 26 million. In 2018 to date, Bitcoin coin holders grew to more than 10 million. In addition, the volume of daily transactions of the ten main cryptocurrencies has increased to $ 3 billion, and it is time for a truly innovative cryptocurrency purse to enter the world.

Integral digital wallet with methods multifunctional payment

OraSaifu has developed a comprehensive solution for those looking for a means to store their crypts without resorting to hardware, software or paper purses. The OraSaifu wallet enhances all the current security benefits of contemporary USB wallets such as Ledger and Trezor, and also converts traditional bank payment cards into a mobile payment mode. For storage, transactions and the recovery of financial assets, OraSaifu has created a card with two modes, in which all the cryptocurrency and bank card exchange functions coexist.

Hardware wallet The most secure and cutting edge of the market

What distinguishes OraSaifu from any other wallet is its exclusive dependence on Reliable Environment of Execution (TEE) and SE technology on a secure chip, which guarantees 100% security over assets and payments through Near Field Communication (NFC). OraSaifu provides a cool wallet mode by using offline and offline QR code reading technology, which means it can be completely isolated from online connections. It also has unlimited storage, outperforming most competitors that offer limited storage and use of single currency.

In terms of security, all cryptocurrencies of the device are stored offline and require authentication in 2 steps for transactions, the USB port required to charge the device does not have data transfer capabilities, which keeps private keys isolated even from your computer and reduces the risk of theft to almost zero. At present, OraSaifu is compatible with the following digital currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, Dash and more than 20 other cryptocurrencies. It is compatible with sending payments, receiving, controlling account details and managing multiple addresses.

Design and unprecedented artistic features

In addition to its security and innovative features, OraSaifu's offers the most elegant design of any product of its kind. With the diameter of a bank card, a bezeless screen of 4 inches and weight similar to a pen, with a screen-to-body ratio of 83.37%, surpassing even the last iPhone. Along with the storage and transaction features of ingenious assets described above, the OraSaifu wallet also supports membership cards, business cards, door passes, membership cards for gyms, etc. Everything is enabled for NFC and OraSaifu can copy and store the data in an ultra safe place.

The Ora wallet also integrated the function of business cards, management of club membership cards and door pass for a greater exploration of the user. Costco, Dicson, Walmart, gym membership card, a work credential, a smart lock, anything enabled for NFC, OraSaifu can copy and store it, so that users do not have to go through millions of cards just to get through a door .

The OraSaifu hardware wallet is destined to surpass the expectation of most digital coin enthusiasts. It offers an artistic interface in the palm of the hand, unlimited access to digital payments and the highest security features. Ultimately, the OraSaifu wallet will become a leader in the market for a reason: it is a product that users trust to protect their cryptocurrencies and make way for a perfectly efficient new professional lifestyle.

About ORA

Ora Inc. was founded in 2013, with an ambitious concept to change the world of payments. Our members of the R & D team are former employees of Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Nokia and Huawei, all with extensive experience in blockchain, Big Data, Internet security and mobile hardware fields. The UI design team is from Japan. OraSaifu has obtained millions of dollars in investment in the first round and is planning its next round of fundraising for investors and major institutions around the world. Ora is actively creating a connection with the industry-leading blockchain technology parts and is eager to talk with more potential business partners. Please contact us for more information.

Early Sale

The global launch of the OraSaifu smart wallet will begin on Indiegogo on July 19, 2018, if you are interested in buying the OraSaifu wallet, the company has opened records for advance sale here.

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