Parity client of Ethereum eliminates the interface of its portfolio for inexperienced users | CryptoNews

Parity client of Ethereum eliminates the interface of its portfolio for inexperienced users | CryptoNews

The installers and specific packages associated with this tool have also been removed. Thus, Parity Ethereum becomes part of the key pieces of infrastructure of Ethereum, allowing the integration of its tools in the development of software packages for the end user.

People who have been using this wallet will find a replacement in the Parity user interface available on Github, although the team emphasized that they will only maintain it minimally. Their recommendation is that they use Parity Fether a light purse associated with their client that will be released soon.

With version v2.0.0-beta, Parity users will be able to connect different engines of consensus, as well as complete the development of infrastructure with tools that are compatible with a dozen networks that work in Ethereum and that can continue to be developed with this toolkit for advanced users.

Through Reddit, some users were disappointed by the decision, ensuring that the possibility of operating a complete node and use a wallet at a time is not something that is available in other customers. However, in general terms, the Parity update was well received, especially for its new focus on infrastructure and developers.

The Parity wallet has starred in unfortunate events. For example, in November of last year 500,000 ETH were frozen after the accidental "suicide" of Parity Wallet. The alleged error was committed by the user @ Devops199, who alleged that this happened after taking advantage of a flaw in the protocol of the portfolio that allows a user to assume the intelligent contract that works as a record of the addresses and remove it.

The executive director and co-founder of Parity, Jutta Steiner, affirmed then that these frozen funds are not lost and that they can be recovered when a new scheduled update of Ethereum occurs. However, at the beginning of December they proposed the application of a hardfork to recover the funds blocked after their "suicide". It is possible that the incident had some influence on Parity's decision to remove the graphical interface from its portfolio.

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