Playkey offers savings of up to 83% to gamers who pay with PKT tokens their subscriptions | CriptoNews

Playkey offers savings of up to 83% to gamers who pay with PKT tokens their subscriptions | CriptoNews

The online gaming platform began accepting subscription payments with its native tokens. To promote the use of the token, it is offering savings of up to 83% to those registered users with daily or monthly subscriptions that pay with Playkey Token (PKT).

To carry out these transactions the company has established a parity of $ 2 for each PKT regardless of its market price. In this way, once the user transfers the tokens from his Playkey wallet, the process is controlled through an intelligent contract on the platform.

With this new payment option, one of the most important milestones becomes reality. expected by the Playkey community and the token holders, after its launch as part of the initial coin offer (ICO) made at the end of 2017, through which the project raised more than $ 10.5 million to develop the solution Decentralized Playkey p2p. Although prior to this event it also attracted about $ 2.8 million in investments from the main European risk funds.

Meanwhile, in the current centralized cloud game platform, players can ] operate modern games with high quality graphics, regardless of the type of equipment they own, even if it is a simple PC.

Because the system is hosted on the company's own GPU servers , users have the option of renting computing power with the purchase of a subscription using PKT, which previously – depending on the region – could only be canceled in rubles, dollars, euros and pounds sterling.

Currently, the team continues the post-adjustment of the functionality of the payment system with tokens and focuses on the development of the decentralized version of Playkey, an ecosystem of video games with technology blockchain, whose testing phase is scheduled for early 2019.

The idea is to form a large community around the games in the cloud, which in the future will allow the company's servers to join owners of powerful gaming PCs and homemade mining farms to rent to players in exchange for PKT. This will also increase the options for using the token, which will serve to make payments for other services of the company beyond being negotiated in cryptocurrency exchange houses. This will further reduce the risk of speculation with PKT in the market.

Playkey employs more than 45 R & D specialists and has collaboration agreements with game publishers such as Ubisoft, Bethesda, Namco, 2K, Blizzard and Wargaming.

To learn more about Playkey, you can visit the following links:

Official page:

Twitter: Playkey_EN

Telegram: t .me / playkey_io


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