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Roberto and the ICO that took him to the Russian World Cup | CryptoNoticias

If distributed accounting technology had not been used to know the players' real-time statistics, no one would have imagined that on that Saturday Argentina and Portugal would be eliminated from the World Cup. Same time. If the blockchain had not been used in the FIFA Cup that year, the pools would have gone to the rack with results as surprising as those …

Roberto was very excited. It was the first time in his fifty years that he had managed to go see the World Cup. The money had come almost magically, after he had made an Initial Offer of Currency (ICO) to finance his organic food company.

If someone else had told him that you could get money from a so easily, he would not have believed it. None of the years he had spent teaching organic chemistry in college could have given him such a performance. That food company had formed it as part of a project carried out with their students, and did not intend to achieve economic well-being with such activity.

The idea of ​​making an ICO came from his ex-wife. The woman was doing studies on distributed accounting technology and was the CEO of a recognized company. According to what Martha had discovered, people were so interested in buying tokens that it did not matter what the project was after them.

Copying and pasting the code from an already-built cryptocurrency was relatively easy and also quite economic. He would not have to worry about code errors if it was all a ploy to get money fast.

So he had followed the instructions of the PhD in Computing and that's it, in less than a year his bank account He had inflated. Of course, everything had been done with a false identity, so once I had obtained the money and given a good percentage to the woman, I did not have to answer to anyone. To Roberto these questions did not rob him of sleep either because, after all, a stroke of luck can not be looked for a cause, but to enjoy its consequences.

Although the ICOs were not seen in a good way and Regulatory entities had them in sight, the royalties for having carried out a successful campaign had allowed Roberto to fulfill several of his dreams, such as traveling in a Lamborghini (rented, because he was not a very ostentatious person), attending a Comic With a VIP pass, travel on a cruise for 81 days through all the oceans of the world and have your own companion robot, which would replace the work that Martha would have done sometime.

Luckily, there were several places that accepted cryptocurrency for the celebration of the world cup that year, so traveling with the airline CheapAir, Roberto had not had to purchase fiat coins to move to the European country where it was celebrated. the Soccer World Cup that year. In fact, since he had stayed at the Apartments Malina complex, he had been able to pay for it with cryptocurrencies so far. A great diversity of stores in the land of the Tsars had enabled their own wallets, and in addition to Bitcoin; Ethereum, Litecoin and Zcash were good options to buy a lunch and meet other needs.

Roberto, with a thick frame, was grateful that there were no long lines to enter the stadium, since he did not really enjoy the crowds , although he had learned to hide his anger at the noise, just for the excitement of seeing the players on the court. As the tickets were verified as soon as he entered any area of ​​the facility, he knew at an instant where he should sit and the authenticity of his pass was immediately checked.

FIFA had been part of the Maxiledger project two years ago and the tickets had been tokenized, a matter that completely eliminated the piracy and resale of tickets, by integrating a simple QR code into the tickets.

Once installed in his seat, the man verified the status of his bot. artificial intelligence that collated the statistics of the players, their physical conditions and other data to predict the results of the games, information also stored in the FIFA blockchain, to which anyone could access by paying a relatively cheap subscription fee.

That day would face Mexico and Brazil, and as expected, the betting platforms were being very concu rridas. Roberto had bet 10 ETH to Mexico because with a high efficiency so far, the team promised to perform very well.

Until that day, Roberto had made about 400 ETH just making bets with his smartphone . To the right of his box were several former players of FIFA, one of them still retained his characteristic yellow afro despite being a mature man.

Everything was ready to start the game and Roberto already had at his disposal his favorite snacks and a whole jug of root beer. However, some policemen wearing an INTERPOL uniform appeared at his side and a tall man who did not speak the Spanish language very well pronounced his name and the initials ICO … Could it be that they found it so easily?

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