Rowing Club of Bilbao accepts payments in bitcoin and ethers during festivities | CriptoNews

In spite of being a rowing club that seeks to maintain the tradition of its people for 50 years the directors of the Itsasoko decided to accept the proposal of its collaborators who would have been "encouraging them to take this step". This being the first organization or collective – as they refer to themselves – in taking the step towards adoption.

So far, customers of the fair "have responded timidly to the initiative", however, have had an enthusiast who prefers to pay their consumption with cryptocurrencies. In fact the bet is in the future, since they hope to continue implementing the cryptocurrencies as payment method in the next festive celebrations of the Basque municipality.

With a panorama that includes small municipal fairs that accept payments with cryptocurrencies, as well as the development of native cryptocurrencies of Spain such as Pesetacoin the real estate sales tour companies that operate with cryptocurrencies and multiple initiatives for the regulation of the use of cryptocurrencies as a financial asset and payment method, the growth of the Spanish bitcoin community is a reality.

Adoptions that added to educational initiatives, such as the master's degree in Ethereum, blockchain and cryptoeconomy at the University of Alcalá and the offer of specialized programs on the subject in Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and the Postgraduate of Bitcoin and Blockchain expert of the European University of Madrid, give a forecast of the interest of Spain in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Featured image by Itsasoko Ama Arraun Taldea