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Spanish company produces a perfume inspired by Bitcoin | CriptoNews

An Asian entrepreneur asked the startup Parfumsnet, a Spanish firm specialized in the elaboration of personalized perfumes, to create a new essence: Bitcoin perfume.

The information was disseminated by one of the founders of the company, Eduard Ribó, who told a Spanish newspaper that the new cryptoperfume is composed of orange blossom, sandalwood and musk three aromas that were chosen by the Asian entrepreneur, whose identity is not mentioned in the publication although it is pointed out as a pioneer in the use of cryptocurrencies.

Ribó points out that this petition has been one of the most curious that has received the ] startup founded last year. The businessman adds that the client requested to prepare the perfume in a small number of bottles to give to close friends.

Before the unusual order Ribó asked the Asian about the possibility of selling the fragrance through the firm Parfumsnet, which markets its products under the Beyou brand and is based in Lérida, in the Pyrenees region of Spain. But the client made it a condition that it be sold at the price of 1 bitcoin . Ribó expressed the impossibility of selling the perfume, considering the current price of the cryptocurrency of more than 6 thousand dollars, and the average value of the essences that they offer for sale, which barely exceed 50 euros.

The Bitcoin fragrance will be elaborated through the technique that the company uses to personalize the essences and to facilitate their clients the creation of their kit particular. For this purpose, a test of olfactory preferences is presented to the interested party and artificial intelligence tools are used on the Internet.

It is worth noting that Spanish perfume is not the first fragrance to emerge inspired by Bitcoin. In 2014 another cryptoperfume was announced for the bitcoiner community of the United States: BitCologne, a cologne with floral and citrus aromas aimed primarily at the male audience, including the option to purchase online and pay with BTC.

These essences are just some samples of some curious objects created from the rise of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies around the world, as many entrepreneurs have taken advantage of the growing interest of the public in the emerging ecosystem for launch new products, mostly acquired to give gifts. Flannels, sweaters, alcoholic beverages, briefcases, bags, jewelery and jewelery are just some of these objects, in which some logo or image is printed allusive to the best known cryptoactives.

For the commercialization of all these objects Many companies are adapting their payment mechanisms or are being affiliated with a significant number of online sales platforms, which are currently implementing new technologies to accept cryptocurrencies. In that sense they are working stores like Ebay, Wemakeprice in South Korea, and Rakuten in Japan.

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