Taringa! will create its own token to reward content creators | CryptoNews

Taringa! will create its own token to reward content creators | CryptoNews

The economic rules will refer to the costs and payments involved in the use of a space. All income generated by the collection of interactions will be collected by the channel and distributed based on rules previously established by the moderator (s) of the section. On the other hand, the rules of government will define the bases of administration of the channels such as the content restriction or the moderation staff.

B├│tbol also mentioned that this entire ecosystem will be developed on the current community of Taringa! where the contents are already organized in this way: with channels, administrators, moderators, content generators and users that interact with them.

Similar to other social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram , Companies can make promotional publications that are inserted in the feed of users belonging to a certain demographic group. In this way, any person or company that wishes to highlight its contents may pay to increase the relevance and exposure of its publications for a fee that varies according to the visits to the channel and the size of the advertising campaign.

Taringa! began to venture into the systems of distributed rewards three years ago when he developed with Xapo the program 'Taringa Creators'. By November 2015, this modality had already allowed content creators to receive payments for more than 195 BTC, equivalent at that time to about $ 75,000 that today would represent more than one million.