The negotiations in Europe make the euro fall sharply

The negotiations in Europe make the euro fall sharply

The euro fell a bit in the middle of the week, but at the same time it sees a lot of help underneath, particularly near the 1.15 level below. I am confident that the market will continue to look at that market as extremely respected, but clearly the challenges remain.

A great combination

The euro has fallen a bit in the week, reaching the center of the union territory in which we have been for quite some time. I am confident that the level of 1.15 below is a great help, as has been a great opposition.

The longer-term charts dictate that maybe we are trying to decide where to go next, since we have a lot of concerns leaving Europe at this time, however, I also perceive that the level of request near the level of 1.15 is something solid. In that situation, it is imaginable that we can go to the level of 1.20 above.

In the event that we split below the 1.15 level, at that point it is conceivable that we can go down to the 1.1250 level after that. I imagine that the next two weeks will include a great combination, mostly between the level of 1.15 in the base and the level of 1.1850 in the best.

This is significantly less demanding to see on the day-to-day chart, which despite the fact that a shorter time allocation, absolutely expects to be established at this time. A break above the 1.1850 level sends this market towards the 1.20 level as already stated, and then maybe even the 1.25 level after that.

Management of movements

In the event that we receive edifying news leaving the situation of war of exchange, at that point that should also help the euro, although I believe that long-term traders are beginning to move forward and strive to help this market, giving it the opportunity to influence. a longer term to hurry upwards.

A managed movement of more than 1.1680 will demonstrate the closeness of customers. In the event that this movement produces enough bullish momentum at that point, look for buyers who keep running at 1.1851. Extracting 1.1851 will change the primary pattern to rise to 1.2032, the next significant bullish objective.

The intersection on the fragile side of the high Gann edge to the downside at 1.1675 will show that the weight of supply is getting closer to the ground. This could cause an inevitable proof of the main base at 1.1509.

The most important region to see this week is the half or mixture of Gann point at 1.1680 to 1.1675. Fundamentally, look for an upward slope to create in a managed movement more than 1.1680 and for a willingness to return to create in a movement admitted at 1.1675.