The US dollar has moved again against the Japanese yen

The US dollar has moved again against the Japanese yen

Initially, the US dollar tried to reactivate in the middle of Wednesday, however, has observed that the level of 113 is a bit excessively expensive. This being the situation, the setback started when the Americans took the lead, and honestly, I think in the end it will be a solid signal, as we had put ourselves before ourselves.

Cost differential

The US dollar has moved again against the Japanese yen only to pivot at the level of 113. The market has become quite expensive, however, now I think it is likely that we will continue to see buyers below, as surely we will have a nice solid bullish trend.

We expect the pullback to be severe, but at the end of the day I also see a lot of help somewhere near the 112 level. Among all, I imagine that some kind of omission is a constant flame that we can exploit, and positively I would do it as such when I found the opportunity.

I am confident that the market will eventually go to the level of 114, a region that extends to the level of 115, and it will be difficult to survive. Be that as it may, I believe that the long-term essentials request that the US dollar rise against the Japanese yen, since the differential of financing costs between the two will increase, will not be reduced.

Exchanges of securities

Obviously, there is the possibility of a welfare offer for the Japanese yen if something happens, but now it seems that the market will ignore a considerable amount of things and will continue to push upwards. The exchanges of values ​​have their impact clearly, so concentrate on them as well. In case of doubt, I take the S & P 500 and change it to any change.

Keep in mind that the party tends to move with the hunger for general risk around the world, and we also have the strengthening of the US dollar because the Federal Reserve has some increases in loan rates that go down the street.

For how long the situation is, the main research for this market should be quite bullish, since the Bank of Japan is ruined thanks to its quantitative easing that advances for not less than several years, probably longer than that.

Finally, I am confident that the market should continue to move towards the level of 113, and then maybe explode over there and look towards the level of 114.50, an area where I also see a lot of obstruction.