This week the pound remained negative during the negotiations

This week the pound remained negative during the negotiations

The pound continues to advance and retreat in the middle of the week, finally settling in a negative light concentrating on the 1.32 level. This is an area that I think will continue to define where we are going to bullish, but I see considerable interest below that obviously makes it an extremely intriguing suggestion.

The British economy

The pound has set a negative light for the week, in any case, what I find especially intriguing is that we are in a region where there is great interest. While there are a lot of queries that cover the British economy in general, and obviously because of the expansion of the British pound, we are basically defending our ground with respect to the currency markets.

Finally, I think this is a decent sign, and in case we can break the 1.33 level, I guess the forex market will continue to rise considerably. By then, I would imagine a movement towards the level of 1.38 above. The level of 1.30 below is a gigantic help, and in case we can separate below, at that point it clearly changes everything.

By then, I feel that the pound sterling will relax quite radically, looking towards the 1.25 level below. However, when I take a look at this sketch, I really want to assume that maybe we are beginning to see a change in general, and if that is the situation and the indiscreet upward movement can not be removed.

Types of clarity

This will be particularly evident once we have some kind of clarity to the extent that it is Brexit. I guess it's one of the most worrisome issues right now, since people basically have no desire to give something in cash, since they do not recognize what's in the store.

The arrival of the Brexit White Paper towards the end of last week also saw a new round of Brexiteer resignations, and Prime Minister Theresa May is beginning to track alerts that there simply is not a Brexit if the hardliners they do not.

Trump went to the UK during the end of the week and was greeted by a series of challenges and shows, while PM May noted that Trump's recommendation on Brexit may not be an attractive course for her. According to PM May in the middle of their meeting, Trump revealed that he should sue the EU for Brexit terms.