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Time travel or quantum computers: the theories of bitcoiners on the block hash 528.249 | CriptoNews

Block 528.249 of the Bitcoin blockchain was mined this June 19, adding one more to the chain. However, the hash of this block has caused a commotion among some bitcoiners, who have assured that it is the product of the working capacity of a quantum computer or a time traveler.

The number in question 00000000000000000021e800c1e8df51b22c1588e5a624bea17e9faa34b2dc4a became a trend among the bitcoiners that make life in the social network Twitter. The controversy began with a tweet by Mark Wilcox, in which he only wrote the hash. From this publication, users began to speculate.

The first was the user Andrew Desantis, who explained that the solution of this hash implies a level of difficulty never before seen. In addition, the user coop__soup pointed out that the number of zeros like the rest of the hash was full of meaning. He did so in a post published on June 21 through his account on Medium.

The similarities of this hash with the Genesis Block of Bitcoin as well as the difficulty of the block were put into question. Far from attributing the characteristics to a chance of the operation of the network, users began to propose theories among those who proposed that it is the demonstration that there are quantum computers operating on the Bitcoin blockchain due to the unusual difficulty of the hash.

Second, after the zeros, the "21e8" that follows, and that summarizes a sort of "theory of everything" related to Bitcoin . The number refers to the "exceptionally simple group", a mathematical object that is the central argument of the exceptionally simple theory of everything, in this case, associated with the amount of bitcoins created, 21 million.

So far so good with the conspiracy.


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