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During the sale of tokens, rigid controls and security systems were implemented, and as a result, was able to prevent numerous cyberattacks and piracy attempts against the website and our users.

To further strengthen your guarantee of a credible, reliable and secure platform, as reported earlier this year, we have hired a world-class security officer and a highly trained team with the ability to improve the robustness of cyber security of commerce.

As a result, the following technologies, practices and procedures have been implemented:

  • A multilayer protection for that users log in to the platform using various authentication methods. In addition, is implementing and enforcing only secure communications for its users with the platform.
  • The exchange will use proprietary algorithms to guarantee the security architecture of the exchange's funds and wallets.
  • Internal and external security experts conduct comprehensive risk assessments, penetration tests, architectural reviews and code review processes, and work under recognized international standards and methodologies to ensure that the platform is secured through best practices.
  • An internal professional cybersecurity team that will supervise the platform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, looking for anomalies related to the exchange, user accounts and activities.
  • Methodologies of work based on well-known international standards, such as the NIST framework and the use of First line security to secure internal systems.
  • Bank-level security monitoring systems that allow to quickly detect and block cyber incidents related to the platform, user accounts or internal systems.
  • Cybersecurity is integrated into all stages of development, including design, implementation and testing.'s head of security, Ari Propper, commented:

"We are using industry-leading innovative technologies to detect, protect and respond quickly to cyber events. We have a team of experts with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of cybersecurity, as well as deep and solid connections in the industry that allow us to consult, review and continuously test the relevance of cybersecurity technologies. We are treating cyber defense as a continuous process and integrating it into all commercial and development activities. "

The Director of Technology at, Charles Voltron, also commented:

"Our security approach to guarantee the exchange is holistic, apart from protecting the exchange with a multi-layered defense tactic, we are improving our employees' awareness of cyber events, protecting our business processes and our internal technologies " When it comes to safety, the team is committed not to cut corners and commits to having an exchange that customers feel safe using. " To pre-register at the cryptocurrency exchange,, visitors can join the waiting list on this page:

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