Unversidad de Cagliari will certify titles in the blockchain of Ethereum | CriptoNews

Unversidad de Cagliari will certify titles in the blockchain of Ethereum | CriptoNews

Del Zompo reported that the system does not require downloading specific applications on smartphones, nor registering on a specific website. " Everything is carried out in a simple way and with freely available tools ."

On the website of the Italian university it was announced that this solution was created with the help of FlossLab Ltd, a company derived from the institution. According to the information, they decided to use the Ethereum blockchain because it is a more modern network with characteristics suitable for the purpose, compared to Bitcoin. They also point out that the system provides only one registration session per degree.

This type of initiative has precedents in different universities worldwide. The most widespread is that of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States, which began work on a certificate registration project for its graduates in the Bitcoin block chain in 2015. The project, advanced by MIT Media Lab, currently has an application that brings together a set of tools for the management of digital credentials .

Another example of digital certification in a chain of blocks in the United States takes place in the Central New Mexico Community College where, with the help of a provider called Learning Machine they developed a digital portfolio that allows to store the certificates registered in the blockchain. With this system they hope to reach this summer, the figure of 4 thousand certificates issued as stated by Feng Hou, communications director of the institution, in an interview granted to the Education Dive portal.

In the United Kingdom there was also an initiative based on this technology, called Woolf University, which was promoted by a group of researchers and professors at the University of Oxford. In this case, it goes beyond the certification of the courses, since the project seeks that the record of all administrative data of teachers and students be established in the chain of blocks .

] In India there is also a government project, called IndiaChain, which, in collaboration with IIT-Bombay (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay), is making an effort similar to that of MIT to issue digital certificates to students graduating from the University of Delhi in 2019.

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